SouthState Bank has a rich history dating back to 1933 when it began as First National Bank in Orangeburg, South Carolina. In 2002, it changed its name to South Carolina Bank and Trust and relocated its headquarters to Columbia, South Carolina. Over the years, the bank has undergone several mergers and acquisitions, significantly expanding its footprint across the southeastern United States. Some notable mergers include the acquisition of TSB Financial Corporation in 2007, a merger with First Financial Holdings of Charleston in 2013, and a merger with CenterState Bank in 2020. Following the merger with CenterState Bank, the headquarters were moved to Winter Haven, Florida, and the bank now operates under the name SouthState Bank as a subsidiary of SouthState Corporation​.

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The bank has grown from a small rural community bank to a regional entity with a presence across multiple states, including Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. SouthState Bank has more than 300 branches and ATMs spread across these states, providing a range of banking services to its customers​.

SouthState Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which insures depositors against the loss of their insured deposits should the bank fail. The bank's FDIC Certificate number is mentioned as 33555 in some sources and 13425 in others, which might be due to changes over time or different certifications for distinct entities within the bank's corporate structure​. The bank's routing number is 063114030 as per the official SouthState Bank website​. Here is the list of SouthState Bank Routing Numbers CLick Here.

The bank has undergone several name changes and reorganizations over the decades, reflecting its growth and evolution in the banking industry. Initially established as the First National Bank in Orangeburg in 1934, it later changed its name and became known as First National Bank of Polk County in 1992, and then CenterState Bank of Florida in 2006, before finally adopting the name SouthState Bank​​.

In terms of its banking policies, SouthState Bank is committed to safeguarding its customers' deposits and funds, as evidenced by its FDIC membership, and offers a variety of banking and financial services including checking and savings accounts, CDs, money market accounts, and IRAs, among others.

This bank has seen a trajectory of growth and expansion through strategic mergers and acquisitions, which has positioned it as a notable regional bank in the southeastern United States. Through these transitions, SouthState Bank has continued to serve its growing customer base while adapting to the evolving banking landscape.


Bank Name SouthState Bank
Headquarters 1101 1st St S, Winter Haven, Florida 33880
Bank Class National Bank - FED Member
CEO Robert R. Hill, Jr.
Bank FDIC Certificate #33555
Swift Code CSBKUS33XXX
Atm's More than 240
Location 300 Branches in 6 states
Routing Number Click Here
Customer Service 1 (800) 277-2175
Credit Card Support 1 (800) 558-3424 / 1 (866) 552-8855 / 1 (855) 908-4495 (Lost or Stolen Card)
Number of Employees 2,602
ISIN US8404411097
Area Served South Carolina North Carolina Georgia Alabama Virginia Florida
Key People Robert R. Horger (Chairman), Robert R. Hill, Jr. (CEO), John C. Pollok (CFO)




A SWIFT code, also known as a BIC (Bank Identifier Code), is a standard format for uniquely identifying banks globally, especially during international transactions. It comprises 8-11 characters. The first 4 characters represent the bank's code, the next 2 denote the country, followed by 2 for the city. The remaining characters (which are optional) specify the bank's branch. This system ensures secure and efficient cross-border transfers. For instance, when sending money overseas, one would need the recipient's bank SWIFT code. It acts as an address that tells where to send the money, ensuring funds reach the correct institution.


CSBK Bank code
US Country code
33 Location code
XXX Branch code
  • Country code A-Z

    2 letters representing the country the bank is in.

  • Location code 0-9 A-Z

    2 characters made up of letters or numbers. It says where that bank's head office is.

  • Branch Code 0-9 A-Z

    3 digits specifying a particular branch. 'XXX' represents the bank’s head office.


Below is a list of some important events in banks history, including mergers and acquisitions.

02-21-1992 Institution established. Original name: First National Bank of Polk County.
01-20-2006 Changed Institution Name to CenterState Bank of Florida, National Association.
01-20-2006 Main Office moved to 1101 First Street South, Winter Haven, FL 33880.
01-20-2006 Acquired CenterState Bank of Florida (35313) in Winter Haven, FL.
01-30-2009 Acquired Ocala National Bank (26538) in Ocala, FL as part of a government assisted merger.
07-16-2010 Acquired Olde Cypress Community Bank (28864) in Clewiston, FL as part of a government assisted merger.
08-20-2010 Acquired Community National Bank at Bartow (25266) in Bartow, FL as part of a government assisted merger.
08-20-2010 Acquired Independent National Bank (27344) in Ocala, FL as part of a government assisted merger.
12-10-2010 Acquired Centerstate Bank Central Florida, National Association (27581) in Kissimmee, FL.
12-10-2010 Acquired Centerstate Bank, National Association (32699) in Zephyrhills, FL.
11-01-2011 Acquired Federal Trust Bank (32580) in Sanford, FL.
01-20-2012 Acquired Central Florida State Bank (57186) in Belleview, FL as part of a government assisted merger.
01-27-2012 Acquired First Guaranty Bank and Trust Company of Jacksonville (16579) in Jacksonville, FL as part of a government assisted merger.
06-01-2012 Acquired Valrico State Bank (27536) in Valrico, FL.
01-17-2014 Acquired Gulfstream Business Bank (35092) in Stuart, FL.
06-02-2014 Acquired First Southern Bank (27044) in Boca Raton, FL.
03-01-2016 Acquired 1st National Bank of South Florida (3564) in Homestead, FL.
03-01-2016 Acquired Community Bank of Florida, Inc. (21258) in Homestead, FL.
04-01-2017 Acquired Platinum Bank (34620) in Brandon, FL.