Bank of America has a rich history that traces back to the establishment of the Bank of Italy by Amadeo Pietro Giannini in 1904, which aimed to provide banking services to Italian immigrants who faced service discrimination. The bank was later renamed Bank of America after several expansions and acquisitions. Initially headquartered in San Francisco, California, it now operates from Charlotte, North Carolina, with major hubs in various global cities, including New York City, London, Hong Kong, Dallas, and Toronto.

Bank of America is categorized as a National Bank under the Bank Charter Class and is a member of the Federal Reserve Systems (FRS). Its primary federal regulator is the Comptroller of the Currency. Being a Member FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), Bank of America ensures the safety and insurance of deposits to a certain amount. The FDIC Certificate Number for Bank of America is 3510, which is a unique identifier assigned by the FDIC.

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Routing numbers are another important aspect of the bank's operations. Bank of America routing numbers are 9-digit numbers assigned by the American Bankers Association (ABA), varying by state and transaction type, and are essential for processing transactions, including direct deposits, electronic payments, and check processing. Here is the list of Bank of America Routing Numbers CLick Here.

In terms of its presence in the United States, Bank of America operates with 3900 branches across 38 states and 16000 ATMs, making it the 3rd largest bank in the US by branch count. The states with the most branches include California, Florida, Texas, New York, and New Jersey.

On the aspect of banking policy, Bank of America is committed to upholding high ethical standards across its eight lines of business to ensure exceptional client experiences. This ethos is embodied in the bank's ethical business practices which aim to serve clients' needs in a manner that upholds the highest ethical standards, ensuring that clients have exceptional experiences regardless of how they choose to interact with the bank.


Bank Name Bank of America
Headquarters Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Bank Class National Bank - FED Member
Founders Amadeo Giannini (Bank of Italy), Hugh McColl (NationsBank)
CEO Brian Moynihan
Bank FDIC Certificate #3510
Atm's 16000
Location 3900 Branches in 38 states
Routing Number Click Here
Customer Service 1 800.432.1000
Credit Card Support 1 800.732.9194
Number of Employees 217000
ISIN US0605051046
Area Served Worldwide
Key People Brian Moynihan (Chairman and CEO), Anne Finucane (Co-Vice Chairman), Bruce Thompson (Co-Vice Chairman)


Domestic Wire Transfer 026009593 Bank of America District of Columbia 054001204
International Wire Transfer to Bank of America account in the USA 026009593 Bank of America Florida 063100277/ 063000047
Bank of America Alabama 051000017 Bank of America Florida, West 063100277
Bank of America Alaska 051000018 Bank of America Georgia 061000052
Bank of America Arizona 122101706 Bank of America Hawaii 051000017
Bank of America Arkansas 082000073 Bank of America Idaho 123103716
Bank of America California 121000358 Bank of America Illinois 081904808
Bank of America Colorado 123103716 Bank of America Illinois, North 071000505
Bank of America Connecticut 011900254 Bank of America Illinois, Chicago Metro 081904808/ 0071103619
Bank of America Delaware 031202084 Bank of America Indiana 071214579
Bank of America Iowa 073000176 Bank of America Louisiana 051000017
Bank of America Kansas 101100045 Bank of America Maine 011200365
Bank of America Kentucky 051000017 Bank of America Maryland 052001633
Bank of America Massachusetts 011000138 Bank of America Missouri, East 081000032/ 101000035
Bank of America Michigan 072000805 Bank of America Missouri, West 081000033
Bank of America Minnesota 071214579 Bank of America Montana 051000017
Bank of America Mississippi 051000017 Bank of America Nebraska 051000017
Bank of America Nevada 122400724 Bank of America Oregon 323070380
Bank of America New Hampshire 011400495 Bank of America Pennsylvania 031202084
Bank of America New Jersey 021200339 Bank of America Rhode Island 011500010
Bank of America New Mexico 107000327 Bank of America South Carolina 053904483
Bank of America New York 021000322 Bank of America South Dakota 051000017
Bank of America North Carolina 053000196 Bank of America Tennessee 064000020
Bank of America North Dakota 051000017 Bank of America Texas, North 111000025
Bank of America Ohio 051000017 Bank of America Texas 111000025/ 113000023
Bank of America Oklahoma 103000017 Bank of America Utah 051000017
Bank of America Vermont 051000017 Bank of America West Virginia 051000017
Bank of America Virginia 051000017 Bank of America Wisconsin 051000017
Bank of America Washington 125000024 Bank of America Wyoming 051000017


A SWIFT code, also known as a BIC (Bank Identifier Code), is a standard format for uniquely identifying banks globally, especially during international transactions. It comprises 8-11 characters. The first 4 characters represent the bank's code, the next 2 denote the country, followed by 2 for the city. The remaining characters (which are optional) specify the bank's branch. This system ensures secure and efficient cross-border transfers. For instance, when sending money overseas, one would need the recipient's bank SWIFT code. It acts as an address that tells where to send the money, ensuring funds reach the correct institution.


BOFA Bank code
US Country code
3N Location code
XXX Branch code
  • Country code A-Z

    2 letters representing the country the bank is in.

  • Location code 0-9 A-Z

    2 characters made up of letters or numbers. It says where that bank's head office is.

  • Branch Code 0-9 A-Z

    3 digits specifying a particular branch. 'XXX' represents the bank’s head office.


Below is a list of some important events in banks history, including mergers and acquisitions.

10-17-1904 Institution established. Original name: Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association.
04-27-1990 Acquired First Federal Savings and Loan Association (28119) in Bakersfield, CA.
04-27-1990 Acquired The Guardian Federal Savings and Loan Association (32142) in Bakersfield, CA.
11-16-1990 Acquired Southwest Federal Savings Association (32814) in Los Angeles, CA.
08-09-1991 Acquired Santa Barbara Federal Savings and Loan Association (33044) in Santa Barbara, CA as part of a government assisted merger.
04-22-1992 Acquired Security Pacific National Bank (3469) in Los Angeles, CA.
07-01-1996 Acquired Bank of America Oregon (22911) in Portland, OR.
09-01-1996 Acquired Bankamerica National Trust Company (24430) in New York City, NY.
01-01-1997 Acquired Bank of America-Alaska, National Association (20209) in Anchorage, AK.
01-01-1997 Acquired Bank of America New Mexico, National Association (33326) in Albuquerque, NM.
01-01-1997 Acquired Bank of America, National Association (17300) in Las Vegas, NV.
01-01-1997 Acquired Bank of America Arizona (32971) in Phoenix, AZ.
01-01-1997 Acquired Bank of America Nw, National Association (2970) in Seattle, WA.
07-01-1997 Acquired Bank of America Trust Company of Florida, National Association (23691) in Boca Raton, FL.
07-01-1997 Acquired Bank of America Illinois (3622) in Chicago, IL.
07-23-1999 Changed Institution Name to Bank of America, National Association.
07-23-1999 Main Office moved to 101 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28255.
07-23-1999 Acquired Bank of America, National Association (15802) in Charlotte, NC.
12-01-1999 Acquired Bank of America Utah, National Association (9575) in Salt Lake City, UT.