Cadence Bank, a commercial entity, sports dual headquarters situated in Tupelo, Mississippi, and Houston, Texas. The bank's inception is rooted back to 1876, when it was chartered as Raymond Trice and Company within a hardware store in Verona, Mississippi. However, the modern form of Cadence Bank emerged in 2021, following a merger between Cadence Bancorporation and BancorpSouth Bank, subsequently adopting the name Cadence Bank. Before this merger, the bank, primarily based in Atlanta, Georgia, with executive and operations hubs in Birmingham, Alabama, operated 99 branches across six states​​. The bank was officially founded on March 1, 1876, and has been catering to the financial needs of its clientele for over a century and a half​.

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The bank's founding was spearheaded by Paul B. Murphy Jr., an adept banking executive boasting over four decades of industry experience. Currently, James D. Rollins III holds the positions of Chairman and CEO of the bank. As per the latest data, Cadence Bank operates 397 branches spread across 11 states (wiki) under the subsidiary umbrella of BancorpSouth, Inc​​. However, there's a discrepancy concerning the number of states, as another source mentions the bank having branches in ten states​.

As a State Chartered Bank, Cadence Bank is not a member of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) but is under the primary regulation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), with a secondary regulator being the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)​​. The bank's FDIC certificate number is 11813​, its routing number is 084201278. Here is the list of Cadence Bank Routing Numbers CLick Here.

Banking at Cadence is guided by a policy rooted in unyielding honesty and integrity, with a focus on nurturing relationship-centered financial services. The bank strives not only to meet but surpass the expectations of its customers, contribute positively to community betterment, foster pride and enthusiasm within its team, and enhance shareholder value​​.

The bank’s extensive network, rich history, and value-driven banking policy underscore its commitment to serving a wide customer base across numerous states. This blend of traditional and contemporary banking ethos places Cadence Bank as a significant player in the banking sector, continually evolving to meet the financial demands of its clientele.


Bank Name Cadence Bank
Headquarters 201 South Spring Street, Tupelo, Mississippi 38804
Bank Class State Chartered - FED Nonmember Bank
CEO James D. Rollins III
Bank FDIC Certificate #11813
Swift Code CDBKUS44XXX
Atm's 350+
Location 397 Branches in 11 states
Routing Number Click Here
President Chris A. Bagley
Customer Service 1 (800) 636-7622
Credit Card Support 1-888-797-7711
Number of Employees 6,550
Parent BancorpSouth, Inc.
ISIN US12740C1036
Area Served United States (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Illinois)




A SWIFT code, also known as a BIC (Bank Identifier Code), is a standard format for uniquely identifying banks globally, especially during international transactions. It comprises 8-11 characters. The first 4 characters represent the bank's code, the next 2 denote the country, followed by 2 for the city. The remaining characters (which are optional) specify the bank's branch. This system ensures secure and efficient cross-border transfers. For instance, when sending money overseas, one would need the recipient's bank SWIFT code. It acts as an address that tells where to send the money, ensuring funds reach the correct institution.


CDBK Bank code
US Country code
44 Location code
XXX Branch code
  • Country code A-Z

    2 letters representing the country the bank is in.

  • Location code 0-9 A-Z

    2 characters made up of letters or numbers. It says where that bank's head office is.

  • Branch Code 0-9 A-Z

    3 digits specifying a particular branch. 'XXX' represents the bank’s head office.


Below is a list of some important events in banks history, including mergers and acquisitions.

03-01-1876 Institution established. Original name: The Bank of Tupelo.
09-19-1966 Changed Institution Name to Bank of Mississippi.
08-12-1971 Acquired The Bank of Houston (12202) in Houston, MS.
07-26-1973 Acquired The Bank of West Point (9786) in West Point, MS.
10-24-1973 Acquired Bank of Olive Branch (10590) in Olive Branch, MS.
06-29-1974 Acquired Grenada Trust and Banking Company (15870) in Grenada, MS.
01-02-1979 Main Office moved to Spring And Troy Streets, Tupelo, MS 38801.
05-12-1980 Acquired Security Bank of Hernando (21099) in Hernando, MS.
04-15-1982 Acquired Monroe Banking and Trust Company (8242) in Aberdeen, MS.
01-01-1987 Acquired First Mississippi National Bank (4986) in Hattiesburg, MS.
04-22-1987 Acquired Bank of North Mississippi (11426) in Oakland, MS.
05-28-1987 Acquired The American Bank (21694) in Vicksburg, MS.
04-15-1994 Acquired Security Federal Savings and Loan Association (33711) in Jackson, MS as part of a government assisted merger.
08-01-1995 Acquired First Federal Bank for Savings (28906) in Starkville, MS.
12-16-1996 Acquired Laurel Federal Savings and Loan Association (29911) in Laurel, MS.
03-03-1997 Acquired Iuka Guaranty Bank (10589) in Iuka, MS.
06-20-1997 Changed Institution Name to BancorpSouth Bank.
06-20-1997 Acquired Volunteer Bank (9958) in Jackson, TN.
10-30-1998 Acquired Highland Bank (27403) in Birmingham, AL.